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Public Safety Tax Referendum

Elected and Appointed Officials

Frequently asked Questions and Answers regarding the PUBLIC SAFETY SALES TAX REFERENDUM 


1. What is the wording of the PUBLIC SAFETY SALES TAX REFERENDUM on the ballot?

"To pay for public safety
purposes, shall Henry County be
authorized to impose an increase
on its share of local sales taxes
by one-half percent (0.50%)?
This would mean that a consumer
would pay an additional $0.50 in
sales tax for every $100 of
tangible personal property
bought at retail."

2. What is the money for?

The money can only be used for crime prevention, detention, police , medical ambulance, fire fighting, or other emergency services.

3. Why would we vote for this because most of us live in a city/incorporated area and do not use county PUBLIC SAFETY?

You in fact do use county public safety because the Sheriff is the county jailer. The jail and the court guards, along  with administration of the institution, is used by all police departments in the county.  The handling of prisoners to trial is the sole responsibility of the county; protecting and administering the judges and the court system are the responsibility of the county.  The prosecution of the accused is the sole responsibility of the county via the States Attorney;s offices. The juries are called and paid for by the county.  The county is responsible to pay for a public defender if the accused can not afford a lawyer to defend him.  The Henry County Coroner and the deputy coroners are for everyone in the county.

4. Can these sales tax funds be used for anything but PUBLIC SAFETY?

No. It is not possible to use the money for any other purposes.

5. Does the 1/2 of 1% sales tax apply to everything I buy?

No. The law is that groceries, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cars, boats, and motorcycle purchases are exempt.  Services such as beauty parlors and labor to fix a car are also exempt.

6. Will I be paying more sales tax in Henry County than in other counties?

No. Most places you shop, visit, or vacation have a higher sales tax.

7. When is the referendum vote on this issue?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

8. What will the sales tax cost be in dollars and cents?

The Henry County buyer that spends $100 every week of the year
in taxable items or 50 cents in sales tax weekly, would contribute $26 annually.


How would the Public Safety Sales Tax affect you?


A cup of Coffee and doughnut costs   $1.84   +  Public Safety Tax $0.01  =  $1.85

  Items from a department store  cost $57.43 + Public Safety Tax $0.29 = $57.72


  Buy a new farm tractor for  $180,000.00 + Public Safety Tax  $0.00 = $180,000.00


    Groceries (edible items) costs  $92.00 +  Public Safety Tax $0.00 =  $92.00


    Out of County resident purchases gas  $45.00 + Public Safety Tax $0.23 = $45.23


    Purchase of new car costs $22,725.00 + Public Safety Tax  $0.00 = $22,725.00


    Prescription and Non-prescription medication  costs $65.00 + Public Safety Tax $0.00 = $65.00


    Dinner for a family of four  costs $36.38  + Public Safety Tax  $0.18=  $36.56