What is the Rural Revolving Loan Fund (RRLF)?

The Rural Revolving Loan Fund (RRLF) uses capital provided by the Economic Development Administration and Henry County, for low-interest loans to help qualified businesses locate, expand or remain in Henry County. These loans are supplemental, providing a portion of the total needed for a given project. The balance must be obtained through conventional sources, i.e. bank financing or equity. RRLF loans may be used in conjunction with other financing programs, such as SBA 504 loans, State of Illinois economic development loans, and assistance from private development groups.

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1. What is the Rural Revolving Loan Fund (RRLF)?
2. What is its purpose?
3. Who can apply?
4. What can the money be used for?
5. How much can be borrowed?
6. How long can the loan be for?
7. What is the interest rate?
8. Is the loan secured?