How much does EMHD cost?

There is a $25 initial activation fee (one-time fee) and a $40 daily user fee ($280 a week). If the court determines an offender is appropriate for EMHD; however, he or she does not have the ability to pay the $40 daily user fee, the court may lower the daily user fee. Fees for EMHD are to be paid one week in advance.

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1. What is Electronic Monitoring Home Detention (EMHD)?
2. Who can be on EMHD?
3. How long can I be on EMHD?
4. What equipment is used to electronically monitor an offender?
5. What is Global Positioning System (GPS)?
6. Will I have equipment strapped to my body?
7. Will I be allowed to work?
8. What happens if I violate my EMHD terms?
9. Will I be drug tested?
10. Who pays for EMHD?
11. How much does EMHD cost?