What is Global Positioning System (GPS)?

GPS is a tracking system used to track the location of offenders placed on a GPS unit. The GPS unit transmits an encoded signal to satellites which are able to give an offender's precise location and movement at a precise time. The system can maintain an accurate position on the monitored individual, even in more challenging conditions, such as indoors, moving vehicles, or among very tall buildings.

Henry County Court Services currently utilizes a GPS monitoring system on offenders who are ordered to be placed on GPS as a condition of the DVSP (Domestic Violence Intervention and Surveillance Program). When an offender is referred to Henry County Court Services by the court for a new charge of Violation of Order of Protection, Henry County Court Services will initiate a mandated risk assessment. The level of risk does not determine the appropriateness of an offender being placed on GPS monitoring. The risk assessment is forwarded to the court for their review in an effort to establish conditions of bail. Should the court order GPS monitoring, Henry County Court Services will initiate the set-up and monitoring of the GPS.

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