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General Data

Q:  What's the difference between a guest and subscription log in?

A:  Guests can freely access the map and a limited amount of parcel data.  For example, subscribers may search and view owner name but guests cannot.  See the Comparison document for a summary of differences.

Q:  I'm a subscriber and cannot log in, what should I do?

A:  Try retyping the password, especially if your browser is set to remember it.  Try clearing the browser cache and log in again.  Call the GIS department at 309-937-3404 or the Assessment Office at 309-937-3570.  You can also email

Q:  Why doesn't the map reflect a property split or combination?

A:  The document may have been recorded during a time when property line changes are on hold until finalization of taxes.  Property line changes recorded AFTER September are reflected in the following year.

Q:  How often is the online data updated?

A:  The update dates for the map is on the disclaimer page.  But in general, the mapping data is updated once a month and the assessment data, as identified through the map, is updated weekly.

Q:  Who should be contacted if I think something is incorrect? 

A:  If there is a question about the boundaries of a parcel contact the GIS Office at 309-937-3404.  If there is a question about the assessment information or you need to make a change of address contact the Assessment Office at 309-937-3570.



About GIS Data


Q:  Is the data available for download?


A:  Some assessment data can be downloaded through the mapping by clicking the "save" button on the parcels identify results screen.  Contact the GIS department for fees for obtaining geographic and/or tabular ownership data.


Q:  When was the aerial photography taken?

A:  April 2014

Q:  What projection and coordinate system does Henry County use?


A:  Transverse Mercator projection, North American Datum 1983, State Plane Illinois West


Q:  What is a shapefile?


A:  The shapefile is a widely used file format for exchanging GIS data between GIS and CAD systems.  One shapefile consists of several individual files pertaining to one feature class, like parcel polygon.


Q:  What are the fees to obtain data from the GIS department?


A:  There are four general fees: maps, reports, cadastral data, and tabular data. 


  • Maps: A typical letter size page is $2 while a 34" x 44" plotted page is $24.
  • Reports: $2 plus $0.05 per letter page
  • Cadastral data:  Is calculated at $25 plus $0.10 per parcel
  • Tabular data:  is calculated at $25 plus $0.05 per record for 1-3000 records, $150 plus $0.04 per record for 3001 to 7000, $310 plus $0.03 per record for 7001 to 15000, or $550 plus $0.02 per record for 150001 or more records


About Online Mapping


Q:  What do the different lines and colors mean?

A:  Turn on the legend in the "visibility layers" part of the tool bar.  The colors of most-used lines are:

  • Red - property lines and dimensions
  • Yellow - road right-of-way lines and dimensions
  • Cyan - subdivision lot lines and dimensions
  • Green - subdivision boundary
  • Orange - railroad lines and dimensions

NOTE:  Only one line is displayed when boundaries overlap.  For example, the road right-of-way line displays when it's the same as a property line.

Q:  Can I find property information outside of Henry County, IL?

A:  No.  This website only pertains to Henry County, IL.

Q:  Can you give tips for searching data?

A:  Yes.  Searches are not case sensitive (a=A, b=B, etc.) and entering more letters narrows the search possibilities.  Dashes are not used in parcel number searches.  Owner names are searched by LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME


Property Inquiry









Henry County GIS

Tracey Vinavcih, Chief County Assessment Officer
307 W Center St
Cambridge, IL 61238

309-937-3404 - Voice
309-937-3949 - Fax