Adult Probation Services


There are currently 8 dedicated employees who make up the Division of Adult Probation Services. The department is made up of a Director, Supervisor, Specialized DUI Probation Officer, Specialized Domestic Violence Probation Officer, Specialized Sex Offender Probation Officer, Public Service Work Coordinator/Court Referral Officer, Pre-Sentence Investigation/Inter-State Compact Officer and a Supervision Probation Officer. In addition, specialized services and programs such as the T4C Cognitive Behavior Program, Community Service Program, PAIP (Partner Abuse Intervention Program), Victim Impact Panel and the Multiple Offender Panel are also important functions of the Division. 

The division currently completes pre-trial reports and pre-sentence reports and supervises cases awaiting trial.  The department also supervises active and inactive cases on probation, conditional discharge and court supervision, as well as, monitors public service work hours ordered by the court. 

Our Department

  • Adult Pretrial Unit
  • Adult Probation Supervision Unit
  • Domestic Violence Probation Unit
  • Sex Offender Unit
  • Specialized DUI Unit
  • Pre-Sentence Investigation Unit
  • Inter/Intra-State Probation Unit
  • Adult Court Referral Unit
  • Public Service Work Unit
  • Electronic Monitoring Team

Adult Pretrial Unit : The Adult Pretrial staff interviews offenders in custody and provides the Court with verified information to assist the Court in determining the type of bond, bond conditions to be imposed, and bond release decisions. The Pretrial Officer monitors clients with court ordered bond conditions i.e. drug testing, treatment, etc. and sends reminders of scheduled court dates. 

Adult Probation Supervision Unit: Adult Probation Officers maintain responsibility for the day to day supervision of adults who have been sentenced to probation by the Court. The officers are responsible for referring clients to appropriate service agencies to address any problems identified by the client and officer i.e. substance abuse, unemployment, education, etc. Our department utilizes evidence based practices to provide the best assessments and interventions that will lead to reduced recidivism. 

Domestic Violence Probation Unit: The Specialized Domestic Violence Officer supervises clients sentenced to probation by the Court for the offenses of domestic violence and violations of orders of protection. The officer collaborates with domestic violence treatment programs and contacts victims, spouses, and significant others to ensure appropriate resources are being provided. Henry County Court Services, in collaboration with the Henry County Youth Service Bureau, provides a Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) to Henry County residents which meets every Monday from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm. 

Sex Offender Unit: The Specialized Sex Offender Officer supervises clients sentenced to probation by the Court who are convicted of  sex related offenses. A case can be assigned to a specialized officer based on the client's prior history and the results of an evaluation by a licensed agency. The officer ensures clients are following the sex offender registration laws, as well as, monitoring the client's living arrangements, employment and court ordered treatment. The officer ensures compliance with all court orders, including no contact orders protecting victims, as well as any other special conditions ordered by the court. 

DUI Specialized Supervision Program: The Specialized DUI Officer supervises clients sentenced to probation by the Court for the offense of driving under the influence. The program is designed  for identification, monitoring, intervention, and referral to treatment providers during the initial portion of the period of supervision. The officer stays up to date on the most current DUI legislation to better supervise clients and assists them by closely monitoring sobriety and compliance with court orders. 

Presentence Investigation Unit: The presentence investigation (PSI) officer is responsible for conducting PSI interviews on clients who are court ordered to have a presentence investigation completed.  The reports include: investigation of the offender's criminal history, including previous terms of supervision or incarceration; the offender's personal information, including family of origin, current residence and family relations, educational and employment histories, financial situation, and military history; the offender's health information, including physical health, mental health, substance addiction histories, and any previous treatment history. The officer reviews the data and provides sentencing alternatives to the Court. 

Inter/Intra-State Probation Unit: The Administrative Officer conducts Inter-State Compact screens on clients prior to being sentenced to determine if they are meet the federal guidelines to have their case(s) transferred.  If sentenced to probation, the officer conducts an intake and obtains all the appropriate information for the other state or county to provide courtesy supervision. The officer requests periodic progress reports from the supervising state or county and reports any violations to the court. 

Adult Court Referral Unit: The Court Referral Officer is responsible for conducting intake interviews on clients sentenced to Court Supervision or Conditional Discharge with special conditions i.e. court ordered evaluation and treatment, drug testing, Victim Impact Panel, etc.  The officer makes the appropriate referrals and conducts periodic status checks to ensure the client is in compliance with the court order. If the client does not follow through as required by the court order, their case is referred back to court for further sanctions. 

Public Service Work Unit: The Public Service Work (PSW) Coordinator is responsible for working with clients who have been court ordered by the court to perform PSW hours. The officer refers the client to an appropriate PSW site taking into consideration the client's job skills, criminal record, disabilities, etc. The officer conducts periodic status checks to ensure the client is completing the required hours and reports completion and/or violations to the court. 

Electronic Monitoring Team:  In September of 1993, Henry County Court Services implemented electronic monitoring for qualified adult offenders. The actual selection of qualified offenders into the program is done by Court Order after Henry County Court Service's has conducted an Electronic Monitoring Home Detention (EMHD) screen as to the potential participant's appropriateness to the program. EMHD is an alternative to incarceration. EMHD is the confinement of an offender convicted or charged with an offense to his or her place of residence and limits an offender's movement within the community through electronic monitoring.