Recorded Document Search

Remote access has been designed for frequent users or consistent users.  This service has been added for the public's convenience and to allow you to search and obtain Henry County's Land Records faster and more efficiently.

There are two ways to search Henry County Land Records 24 hours a day - Laredo and Tapestry:


Laredo is an account-based internet program designed for users who would like online access to Henry County land records on a regular basis. Laredo's innovative technology and 24-hour access to Henry County's land records allows you to search efficiently for records in the same way you would search at a computer in the Recorder's office. Documents can be searched by name, recorded date range, document type, document number, parcel number, address, and legal description. The search will display all recorded information (back to approximately 1986) for each document in a very versatile results window in which you can group and order search results as desired and view images.

For more information on the cost of utilizing Laredo, and to sign up for a subscription, please contact the Henry County Clerk/Recorder's office at 309-937-3575. Once a subscription has been set up, you can download Laredo by clicking the link below. Select "Illinois" in the "Choose a State" field, select "Henry" in the "Choose a County" field then click on the "Download" button. The program will download to your computer and a "Laredo" icon will be created on your computer desktop.


Tapestry is an on-demand service designed for occasional searchers who may not search frequently enough to warrant a subscription to Laredo. Tapestry usage is paid per search (utilizing a credit card) and each search includes the ability to view images at no additional charge (there is an additional fee to print the images). No user agreement is required.

Tapestry includes the capability to search by name, document number, recording date range, parcel number, and legal description. Utilizing Tapestry, searchers can also access data and images from hundreds of participating counties.