Severe Weather Guidance

What to Do When Severe Weather Occurs?

For county wide flooding or similar county wide disaster events the following guidance is provided.

If No Disaster

For situations where a disaster is not declared, normal county or municipality law enforcement, medical, utility and fire/ hazmat response procedures apply. The Henry County EMA may monitor damage reported, river and road conditions but EMA assistance typically is advisory.

When Damage From Severe Weather or Flooding Occurs

Even if a disaster is not declared, affected municipalities, townships, and drainage districts are responsible for collecting their jurisdictional residential/business (Individual Assistance- IA) and local government (Public Assistance - PA) and submitting the required damage assessments forms and any resource requests to Henry County EMA. (Backup Alternate damage reporting chain is through the County Assessor's Office if the EMA Manager is not available). IA and PA Forms are located on the Henry County EMA website, the IEMA website, or at the County Assessor's Office.

Even if a disaster is not declared, it is important for businesses and residences to report damage to allow their jurisdiction to determine the seriousness and scope of the damage and to allow the IEMA Office to determine if Henry County meets standards for disaster assistance.

When You Need Specific Forms

Some specific instructions are:

  • Jurisdictions with damage to critical infrastructure should contact their appropriate local municipality / township officials to report using a Public Assistance Form.
  • Residents and businesses with damage should contact their local municipality/township officials. Officials will use the Individual Assistance Form to document damage. Please note, there are two Individual Assistance damage assessment forms along with directions, one for flood events and another for events other than floods, use the applicable form.
  • Township road commissioners will report road damage using a Public Assistance Form to the County Engineer who will assess and report to Henry County EMA. Assure to record all expenses including overtime related to the incident.
  • Drainage Districts should report levee damage directly to Henry County EMA using a Public Assistance Form. Note: Residents having damage from levee failures that are managed by a drainage district will report their damage through their township supervisor using an Individual Assistance Form.
  • Insurance - Each municipality or residence should follow their own individual insurance carrier instructions/procedures regardless of whether a disaster is declared or not.

Requests for Resources

During a flooding or severe weather event, affected Henry County, IL jurisdiction requests for resources e.g. debris removal equipment, pumps, sandbags, poly-sheet, etc.; should normally be made to the applicable municipality or Township Official or the Henry County Engineer using established procedures. If during a local disaster, requests are not able to be filled within the Henry County Engineer's available resources, a "Request for Resources" - (RFR Attached), should be coordinated with the HC EMA and the EMA will forward the request to the Region 2 IEMA Office in Dixon, Illinois. The IEMA Office in Dixon will determine if the request for resources can be filled within Region 2 and if not, they will forward the RFR to the IEMA Response Center in Springfield, Illinois to fill from State or Federal sources.

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