Assumed Names

Who Should File an Assumed Name

Illinois law requires individuals conducting or transacting a business under any name other than the real name of the owners must file an Assumed Name Certificate with the County Clerk in the County the business is located. If the business is incorporated, a corporation, or an LLC file with the Secretary of State, not the County Clerk.

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Procedure for Filing an Assumed Name

  1. The Assumed Name Certificate (PDF) should be filed in the Office of the County Clerk along with the filing fee of $20.
  2. Once filed, the County Clerk issues copies of the form.
  3. The Assumed Name form must be published in a general circulating newspaper in Henry County (see news media below under resources) once a week for three consecutive weeks.
  4. The newspaper will issue a Certificate of Publication to the business. The business is to forward the original Certificate of Publication to the County Clerk’s office to complete the filing requirements.
  5. After the receipt of the Publication, the business is mailed a Certificate of Ownership.

Changes in the Business Information

If there is a change in the address, name of owner or owner (s) or address, it is necessary to file a Supplemental Assumed Name Certificate with the County Clerk’s office indicating the change. The filing fee is $21 with the County Clerk’s office.

Publication is also required if the change involves:

  • Adding owner(s) names to the business
  • Closing the business
  • Withdrawing owner(s) names when withdrawal involves 25% or more of the total ownership
  • Change of business address


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