Public Comment Rules

At each regular and special meeting that is open to the public, members of the public and employees of the County shall be afforded time, subject to reasonable constraints, to comment to or ask questions of the Board.

Public/employee comments and questions shall be:

  1. Limited to three minutes
  2. Directed to the Board and not to individual members
  3. Presented in a professional demeanor and not in a threatening, profane, vulgar, or abusive manner
  4. Topics that are relevant to the business matters of the County Board
  5. Recognized after speaker provides their name and address to the Clerk prior to addressing the Board

It shall be the decision of the Board if it is appropriate to respond to a question and which Board member will respond. The Board encourages all comments/questions to be submitted in writing, which will become part of the official record. Individuals who engage in repetitive comments/questions will be asked to refrain and/or yield the floor.

PDF Copy of Rules & Procedures