View the Henry County Consolidated Election Results for April 4, 2023.

Welcome to the web page of the Henry County Elections Department. As Henry County's Election Authority, it is my responsibility for administering all elections within Henry County. There are 52 precincts with approximately 36,000 registered voters in the county. This department is also responsible for training deputy registrars, election judges, providing polling places for all precincts, and publishing the Voter's Information Guide.

On Election Day, the polls are open from 6 am until 7 pm.  Voters who are not able to vote at their respective precincts on Election Day have a couple of options to ensure they can vote. They may request an application to vote by mail which allows voters to cast a ballot prior to Election Day by applying for and receiving their ballot through the mail.  The other option would be to vote in person at the County Clerk's Office which is known as early voting.  Illinois State Statutes allows for early voting which allows voters to cast a ballot prior to Election Day without having to offer a reason or excuse for wanting to vote early. 

For those voters that miss the deadline for registering to vote or submitting their address change we have available for them to grace period vote.  This allows any unregistered qualified elector to come to the County Clerk's Office to register to vote or submit a change of address. The only stipulation for grace period voting is the requirement to vote their ballot at the time they do so.