Circuit Clerk


The mission

It is the mission of the Circuit Clerk’s Office to serve the citizens of Henry County and the participants of the judiciary system in a timely manner with courtesy, efficiency and impartiality. 

The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Henry County:

  • Is a state constitutional officer elected by the citizens of Henry County for a four-year term.
  •  Is a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of the Illinois State government. 

The Office of the Circuit Clerk:

  • Is responsible for filing all cases and maintaining the official record of all matters that come before the Henry County court system.
  • The Circuit Clerk is to attend all sessions of Court and is the keeper of the Seal of Court. 
  • Interacts with the public and attorneys performing several functions including the collection and disbursement of traffic and criminal fines, fees, costs, assessments, penalties, and civil filing fees. 
  • Is responsible for the long-term recording of child support payments collected and disbursed through the State Disbursement Unit.  
  • It is also the duty of the office to summon prospective jurors for petit jury, grand jury and coroner jury duty. 

 The Office of the Circuit Clerk cannot give legal advice.