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Important Information


The map data currently pertains to 2022 assessments payable in 2023. This includes parcel changes (split or combination) recorded through September 2022; pending Board of Review finalization.

We hope you find the online data provided by the Henry County Assessment and GIS offices helpful.

Parcel Assessment / Tax Data

The map displays both geographic information and related property information. You can also stay up to date on road maintenance projects and road closures by viewing the Henry County Highway Department map layer.

The parcel assessment / tax data will always contain the most current information available at the time.

The Parcel Assessment / Tax page offers two levels of access. The "Guest" site is free and can be accessed by anyone. The "Professional Subscriber" level is for professionals seeking additional information in a secure environment. Photos, sketches and building measurements are just a few additional items available to the "Professional Subscriber".

To become a Professional Subscriber complete the subscription form found below in the documents section and submit it along with payment to:

  • Henry County Assessment Office
    307 W Center Street
    Cambridge, IL, 61238

All information is available to the public by simply calling, emailing or stopping by the Assessment Office.

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Parcel Assessment / Tax Data

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