Welcome to the Henry County Government web site. I hope you find this web site informative and helpful.  It is a constant work in progress as we strive to keep county government as transparent as possible. You will also find excellent links to other valuable sites, such as Henry County Tourism and the Henry County Economic Development Partnership sites.

These sites are representative of the County itself as they display constant growth and progress. Henry County continues to embrace progress and new technology. All this is possible through the citizens of Henry County. Over the years we have developed a “can do” attitude. Progress in Henry County takes place because of our citizens and our desire to be involved in our own future.  We refuse to sit back and wait for someone else to drive our future.

This is apparent in our schools, from grade school through college, and in our industries as they grow and expand through new ideas and technology.

It is with pride that we move forward while holding dear to our rich history.  Yes, Henry County , like our web site, has much to offer and we encourage you to enjoy and explore both.

Together for Henry County

Roger Gradert, Henry County Board Chairman

About Henry County

Henry County, Illinois is located in Northwestern Illinois, just 16 miles from the Mississippi River dividing Illinois and Iowa.  Henry County is primarily made up of rolling farmland, and is well known for hog, corn, soybean and cattle production.  The area is also dotted with wooded areas, rivers, lakes and streams.

While much of the county is agricultural in nature, the cities and towns of Henry County feature many manufacturing and business outlets.  The county is served by Interstate Highways 80 and 74, plus both freight and passenger rail lines.  In addition, Henry County is just 10 minutes from the Quad Cities International Airport.

Henry County features areas of great historical interest, including the Bishop Hill Colony, the Hennepin Canal, the Great Sauk Trail and other areas reflecting the rich heritage of the region.

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