Henry County Sheriff's "I Live Alone" Program


The Henry County Sheriff's Office is firmly committed to serving the elderly in our county. In the late 1980's Sheriff Cady started a program called the I Live Alone program. This program consists of Deputies that are State Certified Elderly Service Officers (ESO's) that visit the elderly in their homes. The ESO's not only check the welfare of the individuals but can also inform them of criminal activity and how to avoid being scammed. The ESO's also inform the elderly about local, state, and federal programs that can help the elderly in the twilight years.

The Sheriff's Office currently has six ESO's that have enrolled over 30 individuals into the I Live Alone program. Ages range from 60 to 100 years of age, with women outnumbering men by a large margin. Over 90% of the members live alone and reside in a rural area. That is why the Henry County Sheriff's Office is committed to making sure that the elderly are safe and protected in Henry County.

For more information on the I Live Alone program, contact Sheriff James Padilla  at 309-937-3901 or the Office during normal business hours at (309) 937-3911, or by E-Mail: sheriff@henrycty.com