Henry County Sheriff's Office Child Photo ID Program


Sheriff Gib Cady began the original Child Photo I.D. Program in 1988 to provide identification cards for children that were similar to an adult's drivers license. The identification cards included a picture, name, date of birth, and other information to assist in the identification of a child. The cards were laminated for protection and given to the child to carry with them. The program was partially supported by the Henry County Crime Stoppers program.


The Henry County Sheriff's Office had to scale back the program and eventually a decision was made to change the way the program operates. Parents can now download a form directly to their computer that they can use to record their child's information and keep with their important records.


The form is in the 'PDF' format and requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print. To download the free reader, Click Here. A new window will open with the Adobe Acrobat download page You will need to have this program on your computer before you can view or print the form.


To download the Child Information FormClick Here and the form will open up in a new window. You can use the free Adobe reader to save it or to print a copy (if your computer is connected to a printer). Instructions are included with the form. You can also click the button below for the form.




Optional Assistance - Under Construction

If you desire, your child's photo and information can also be kept on file by the Henry County Sheriff's Office for use in an emergency involving your child. This is strictly voluntary and for the convenience and safety of both you and your child.

We are currently developing an online form that will allow you to take advantage of this option. The form will be available on this page when it is completed.