Lockouts, Auto/Home

Up until a few years ago, law enforcement agencies in Illinois were able to unlock cars at no charge when people had accidentally locked the doors with the keys inside. This created ever increasing liability for the agency, especially with the introduction of side impact air bags in newer vehicles. Due to the passage of a recent law, we are no longer able to perform this service on a vehicle unless it is an emergency situation of some kind. An emergency is an immediate threat to the safety of life and/or property. All non-emergency auto lockouts are now referred to locksmiths or to towing companies with lockout tools. Unless you believe you have an emergency situation, or are not sure, please refer to your yellow pages under Locksmith or Towing for help. If you are not familiar with the area we may be able to make contact for you. We are still able to assist persons locked out of their home to a certain degree, so if this happens to you please call us and we will do what we can. Call (309) 937-3911 for service.