Henry County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Identification Numbers


The Henry County Sheriff's Office offers Crime Prevention Identification Numbers to all persons and businesses in the county to help prevent property crime and to aid in recovery of stolen property. These ID numbers are nine characters long and are maintained in a file at the Sheriff's Office. Federal, state, and county agencies concerned with the transportation of stolen property across state lines receive a directory which enables them to locate ID numbers. A number is created using the following system:


Papers Processed Annually by Year


037 (Number designating Henry County)

#### (Four digit number that we assign to each person or business)

Example: IL0371234



This number is unique to each person or business and should be marked on each piece of property. It is also recommended that the ID number be placed on the property twice, one in plain sight and also in another out-of-the-way location known only to you. This would allow the property to be identified even if the plainly visible ID number is removed or destroyed. In addition, keep an accurate record of what property is marked and where.

For more information on obtaining a Crime Prevention Identification Number, contact the Henry County Sheriff's Office during normal business hours at 309-937-3970 . Help us help you prevent property crime in Henry County.