Appeal Deadline

2018 Publication Date - 11-02-2018

2018 Appeal Deadline - 12-03-2018


By state law, all assessment complaints must be filed “on or before 30 calendar days after the date of publication of the assessment list”

Assessment complaints may be filed after values are certified to the Board of Review.  The publication is generally around the second week of November.  Check this site around that time for more information.

The following is a list of newspapers published in Henry County and the townships that were listed in each.

The Geneseo Republic – Hanna, Phenix, Loraine, Edford, Geneseo, Munson, Atkinson, Cornwall. 2018 Publication List

The Cambridge Chronicle – Osco, Andover, Cambridge. 2018 Publication List

The Orion Gazette – Colona, Western, Lynn.  2018 Publication List

The Galva News – Oxford, Clover, Weller, Galva.  2018 Publication List

The Star Courier – Burns, Kewanee, Wethersfield, Annawan, Alba, Yorktown.  2018 Publication List

2018 Township Factors


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