Board of Review


According to Illinois State Statutes the Chairman of the County Board appoints, with approval of the County Board, three citizens of the County to comprise the Board of Review.  The Chief County Assessor performs the duties of Clerk to the Board.

The Board of Review determines whether the Township Assessor and County Assessor have calculated assessed values correctly.  They can equalize assessments within the County, assess any property that was omitted from the tax rolls, decide if homestead exemptions should be granted, and review non-homestead exemption applications.  Property owners and local taxing districts may appeal unfair assessments to the Henry County Board of Review.  If the owner is dissatisfied with the board’s decision, they can appeal the decision to the State Property Tax Appeal Board.

Henry County Board of Review Members
Tammy Dynes, Chair
Steve Carton, Member
Jim Eccher, Member
Tracey Vinavich, Clerk

Chief County Assessor

Chief County Assessor
Tracey Vinavich, CIAO

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