Our Staff

Warden Duties:

  • Picks up stray dogs within the unincorporated areas of Henry County.
  • Tries to locate the owners of stray dogs that are picked up in Henry County using any means available.
  • Investigates dog bites throughout the county.
  • Investigates animal abuse and/or neglect cases throughout the county.
  • Investigates complaints that are received through the Sherriff’s Department regarding: attacks, deceased animals, and loose dogs.
  • Orders Rabies tags and Registration forms in compliance with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
  • Distributes rabies tags and registration forms to veterinarians within Henry County as well as clinics outside Henry County that vaccinate dogs from Henry County.
  • Picks up rabies certificates weekly from veterinarians that do not issue Henry County Tags.
  • Picks up rabies certificates and payments monthly from veterinarians that issue rabies tags for Henry County.
  • Prepares Budget that is presented to the Finance Committee.
  • Attends quarterly Public Safety meetings.

 Assistant Warden Duties:

  • Receptionist and Assistant to the Animal Control Warden.
  • Maintains record of all rabies tags issued by veterinarians and the Animal Control Office, and keeps information regarding status of dogs current.
  • Maintains hard copies of all rabies vaccination certificates.
  • Sells rabies tags to Henry County residents that come to the Animal Control Facility.
  • Prepares weekly deposits of payments received from veterinarians and residents.
  • Prepares and mail monthly registration reminders, overdue registration letters, and final notices to delinquent dog owners.
  • Prepares and mails Animal Bite Report to dog owner and victim, maintains files of dog bite information and veterinarian inspection reports.
  • Gathers information from Henry county and surrounding counties citizens regarding "lost" or "found" dogs or cats, keeps all information in a log book, checking with citizens weekly on the status of their "lost" dog.
  • Prepares list of office supplies for Warden, mails rabies certificates and tags to veterinary clinics upon request.
  • Maintains PetFinder website and 1-800-Save-A-Pet website with information of animals available for adoption.
  • Contacts rescues and other shelters for assistance with adoptable animals.

Animal Control

Rich Nelson, Warden
Cheryl Littrel, Assistant

119 South East Road
P.O. Box 153
Cambridge, IL 61238

Office Hours:
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday

(309) 937-2266
(309) 937-2628